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**from https://orpheus.network/** "As all of you have noticed, Apollo.rip has been down for about a month now. This is due to the personal circumstances of both original sysops, O and W. Because of these circumstances (we won't go into it here for their privacy), it was not possible for them to pay the server bills on time which resulted in the host shutting down our backend server, and eventually, wiping everything on it. However, there is hope. Before the backend server (which contained the site code and database) was wiped, O and W were able to make a backup which is currenlty in their posession. They have agreed on giving this backup to the remaining staff. However, due to the afforementioned circumstances, we are not sure how long that will take. We are confident that it will happen though since we've had contact with O mulitple times during the last 3 weeks. Even though we cannot give you an exact ETA on when we will receive the backup, we can give you an ETA on how long it will take for us to revive the site after receiving it, which will be approximately 7 days. 7 days might sound like a long time, but it isn't, considering that we all have jobs and this new server infrastructure will be quite complicated to ensure maximum security. Spine and Athena will be the new sysops and leaders of Apollo.rip, which will be rebranded to Orpheus.network. TheGodParticle will remain administrator and staff leader while itismadness will continue their duties as lead developer. Most of the staff will also stay aboard with some new additions. O and W have stated their desire to move on. We wish them well. We are not asking for your donations. We understand that many of you might be upset, which is why we are funding this ourselves. CloudFlare will be gone (It already is; resolve the DNS if you want) and we are making no compromises on security whatsoever. We will be updating this site as soon as we have news regarding the database, the site, and any ETAs. If you have any questions, or if you just need a chat, you can join our IRC network: irc.apollo.rip port +7000 for SSL (6667 for non-SSL) / #help Please hang on and keep your torrents in your client, you will need them again! Sincerly, Orpheus.network Staff"