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I'm a big space fan. Anything NASA, stars, planets, milky way, etc. I'm particularly a fan of the Apollo missions. I like the tangible, the unknown, the challenge. ​ Anyway, I had no idea this documentary could be so impressive. I've watched tons of Apollo 11 documentaries and videos. I live near DC, so I'm always at the Air & Space Museum (4-5 times a year?) I had no idea there was this much still yet to see. I know the advertising promised never before seen footage, but I didn't expect so much of it to be new. ​ The story telling and pacing was also "fresh." You know how the YouTubers cut contemporary trailers for classic movies? It felt like that. It felt fresh and new, and not just a new sparkly remaster or something like that, it felt genuinely contemporary. ​ Also, for being IMAX, and 50 years old, I loved the camera angles and framing. There was use of split screen, and inserting stills, but I didn't feel like there was any type of compromise. This was a labor of love, and was fantastic on its own. I know there's ramping up interest for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and *First Man* came out a bit earlier, but this could stand alone. ​ Speaking of *First Man*, I watched *First Man* in IMAX, and I watched Peter Jackson's *They Shall Not Grow Old,* and *Apollo 11* was the experience that I was hoping for, but missed, when I saw those earlier films. Those films were fine, but I didn't walk out of the theater nearly as "pumped" as I was leaving *Apollo 11*. And I had kind of thought I would have. ​ Apollo 11 is showing in IMAX for another few days, then it's hitting regular screens. Go see it either way. The IMAX is breathtaking, but if you can see it in a regular theater, instead of at home, do it.